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Neurosurgeon Dr. Konstantia Stoforou MD PhD, is a collaborating Neurosurgeon doctor at HYGEIA Hospital in Athens where she daily performs surgery in the morning hours.     9 Erythrou Stavrou, 3rd Floor Office Γ5 Calling Center HYGEIA: 210 6867330 Office Assistant: 210 8046430 Cell Number accessible 24h/7d: 6980468345 e-mail:    
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Neurosurgical Center NeuroCure is expanding with a new private practice office in Trikala, Thessaly, so as to facilitate any patient who is not situated near Athens.   The new private practice office in Trikala, Thessaly, is a branch of the Athens NeuroCure Neurosurgical Center for the Advanced Management of Neurosurgical Conditions of the Spinal Cord…
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 (ALL VIDEO FOOTAGE IS IN GREEK) Dr. Konstantia'a Stoforou interview on curent neurosurgical trends and advancements, to Dimitra Michalopoulou at the TV show 60' Themata Ygeias on TRT TV Station  " Implantable pumps: Which and When there is benefit for the oncological patients" Dr. Konstantia's Stoforou Oral Presentationat the Scientific Oncological Meeting held by AKOS…
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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="241"] Konstantia Stoforou MD PhD Neurosurgeon - NEUROCURE NEUROSURGERY STOFOROU[/caption] Neurosurgeon Dr Konstantia Stoforou can be reached upon appointment only during office hours. Office in Chalandri Office in Trikala Office in Henry Dunant HC Feel free to contact us for more information on appointment vacancies, and we will make sure to book…
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