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Expert Brain and Spine Neurosurgical Services in Athens – Greece for International Patients

International Expert Brain & Spine Neurosurgical Services - This service is adressed to patients that suffer serious neurosurgical issues and need medical attention on an short time basis due to the utterly increasing pressure that National Health Systems in Northern Europe are experiencing. We can combine your treatment and recovery in an fully organised, safe and pleasant enviroment where Hippocrates founded Medicine.Certain diseases cannot endure the long waiting for appointment and management, thus we are offering Expert Brain and Spine Neurosurgical Services in Athens Greece at a highly renowned Hospital Henry Dunant HC, by excellent medical team directed by the Neurosurgeon Konstantia Stoforou MD PhD, with 20plus years of experience, who is  specialized in modern Neurosurgical Techniques and Minimally Invasive surgery at a state-of-the art enviroment.
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Laser Visualase – Interstitial Thermal Therapy (ITT)

The Interstitial Thermal Therapy (ITT) system with Laser Visualase is another treatment option for brain cancer, either primary (glioblastoma, etc.) or metastatic from other organs of the body, with specific indications and when there is no possibility for any other type of treatment. It is also been approved for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy. The…
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