Neurosurgery Dr. Stoforou


Neuronavigation robotic neurosurgery MIS is a method of 3D accurately targeting technique on which we can target and lead our surgical instruments to the affected area of the brain with millimeter accuracy.


Neuronavigation robotic neurosurgery MIS uses a combination of the patient’s CT and / or MRI Scans with specially designed software (computer aided pc software, programs, applications) where in synergy with the surgical microscope or the endoscope, it leads us precisely to the damaged area shown in three dimensions (accurately precise 3D model).

Neuronavigation robotic neurosurgery MIS is an invaluable tool to the surgeon and hence to the patient since it allows:

  • safe “navigation” deep into the brain.
  • avoidance of damage to “critical” areas of the brain.
  • detection and safe removal even of multiple brain damages during a single operation.

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